Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun shots!

ktitty nap

angle of serenity


lazy afternoon

with Rohana

Jamauan Raya KEMAS Penaga

Red Velvet

Credit to Syima

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red velvety cupcake

Fairuz's Wedding

Fairuz's wedding on Sept. 17 an odd choice time for weddings I thought at first;till I realise she has chosen a long weekend break due to Malaysia Day...
So here is the story.... managed to bump into Umi, Buzz and Miza too.

31st Aug-1 Sept 2011- Pendang till Sg Bakap  and Island.

Cub chai at Gadap's

Trying beehoon soup at Gadap's

with Gadap's family

Gadap's house
Mizi's mom and her orchid

Owen and Mizi

loving trio

Thai steamboat at QB

waiting for He-Man to start

From a Girl..becoming a Woman.....

specially reserved for the birthday girl
my 21st bd gift for her...thanks to somebody cost a fortune!
touchy....till she cried....
errrmmmmm X comment!!!
self potrait!
all these happened on Aug 19, 2011  a day after her real birth date.
After all hassle, headaches, ^%$%&*( GREAT fun n time there!
coutersy of the Prince of Pompey..thanks ya!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Escapade at BF

19-20 Aug. Never thought that that there would be some beachcombing area around Bt Feringghi area.
It's calming and peaceful, glad that I could have this short breakwhich I really needed.

And on the way back dropped in Strait Quay and was surprised todiscover there's a monthly flea market.
Lots of homemade trinkets, DIY, food etc etc.

As the Mid-Autumn fest is around the corner, there was also mooncake figurine making competition for children, top spinning and lantern exhibition going on there in between of heavy downpour.

Ended the visit to Georgetown and had a feats of Steamboat BBQ...damn they sure can eat!

Would definitely revisit the flea market.